My life. From 11 August 2010, 'till tomorrow

Some more welcome visitors!

I got some more admirers today. With my cutie brown eyes and hair I charmed Uncle Adrian, Uncle Les and Aunt Ethel during their visits this weekend.

Thank you so much for comming to meet me. Aunt Ethel has the magic touch and I sommer settled down in her arms. I know I was still very sleepy but appreciated your visit a lot!

Also thank you for the lovely cake. Daddy now has some lunch for tomorrow. Mommy also discovered that Daddy has some hidden talents when he dished up the lovely cake and organised drinks for everyone. I have a superdad!

Now I am trying to charm Daddy in staying at home tomorrow. Me and Mommy enjoyed having Daddy here so much this weekend. I really love my daddy, and we are going to miss him lots this week!

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